New arrangement for dining table & rug

When we last visited my living room in August, I’d arrived at the idea of angling the couch (loveseat I think?) in the room as well as the 5×8 rug that goes with it. I was really pleased with how it worked out; angling the couch makes it possible to see both the TV (this is important) AND out the window (also important and something I’d wanted for a long time but couldn’t figure out how to do in the room). Prior to now I just don’t think I would have had the confidence/inspiration/creativity/whatever to do this kind of arrangement.

So the other day, inspiration again hit and I did the same thing with the square dining table and its 5×8 rug on their half of the “space”. This too really worked out. I didn’t lose anything in the bargain and in fact more of the rug shows, which is nice.


Here you can see how BOTH rugs are at angles


The angled table


Panorama photo

Basically, I’m pretty satisfied with how I have things but there is always room for “tweaking” (I am mad for tweaking stuff). One small change I made by the couch was to swap out the baby blue lamp (it went to a better spot) for one in the red family. The only thing I still want to improve is the table between the couch and chair; it’s a makeshift one (literally I made the top and put it on a smaller table). A round end table would look better I think. Hopefully one will turn up in my “travels” eventually.


Couch with red lamp; I also took off the red slipcover for winter when there’s less chance of dirtying up all that WHITE

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