Casual, festive outfit (Bargain style)

In the fall I wrote about finding great print leggings at Ross. I’ve worn them often since and am so pleased with the purchase. Let me say again that a fabric print is the key to modest (or mostly modest) leggings – something I learned only on finding & wearing the Ross leggings. I saw holiday leggings at Ross about three weeks ago and while normally I don’t even look at any clothes like that – I don’t remember the last time I had a “holiday” garment of any kind – this time I did. I passed by the over-the-top and Santa leggings and bought a more subdued but still fun print. At $5 I thought why not?


I usually hate layering but have been trying to make it work for me. The first layer needs to be close-fitting and not too thick, which is what I did here with both top and bottom. It was cold (you know, like WINTER) so I wore another pair of leggings under the festive reindeer ones. I found the gray, long-sleeved Mossimo shirt for $3 this fall at a big, discount store (Ross eliminated their Mossimo and Merona lines last year and I guess the leftovers have floated out to discount-ier stores). The gray Merona sweater with its festive bead sparkles on the front was a thrift store purchase for a few dollars. The tall boots were $11 on Amazon last year. The beautiful, soft, red scarf I found for a mere dollar last winter at a church thrift store. I put one of my secondhand pins on the unconstructed (i.e. floppy) hat that was also a one dollar church thrift store bargain find.

Here’s a hat closeup and the earrings and ring, which I made.

10 thoughts on “Casual, festive outfit (Bargain style)

  1. C.E.Robinson

    Very clever & festive, Colette! You do have a flair for affordable fashion! I shop in Marshallโ€™s & TJ Max for bargains! Love it when I find name brands half or more the price in high end stores! ๐Ÿ“š๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽ„ Christine

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Thank you Christine! We have Marshall’s and TJ Maxx too but I do better at Ross, particularly by shopping in Juniors. I actually can’t hardly believe how low clothing prices have become over the years. I grew up when sewing your own clothes was considered bargain!

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