Saturday’s rummage finds (the bargain hunter in her natural habitat)

I hit 2 rummage sales and one yard sale this past Saturday and want to share what I got. I’ve said it before, but Show and Tell was my favorite thing in early grade school.

Before I launch into the finds, let me reiterate that I’m definitely anti-clutter and have unloaded A LOT of stuff over many years and routinely get rid of things. Just last week I was in a certain kind of mood one day and told myself, “Find five things to get rid of” (which makes it kind of a game). It took about 1.5 hours to hit my goal which I took as a very good sign – it means I’ve already gotten rid of most of the stuff that I should. Along the way I found a couple things for recycling too but they couldn’t count in the 5 items.

So, onto my acquisitions. At the first rummage sale, one with many tables at the fire house, I took my time and found a couple good things.

On first glance I thought this necklace might be a vintage costume piece. It wasn’t but for a buck, I still liked it. These pictures don’t do it justice; it’s a brighter more attractive gold.


It’s huge! 6″ end to end


Scented candle in tin, so nice in winter


Eye shadows and a .10 Scunci brand hair clip

Modeling the hair clip (I’ve been growing my hair & this clip particularly makes it look super long):

I next went to a church holiday fair which included “White Elephant” items.


$1 for a 100 white light strand (I’ll be attaching them to a 100 light strand I already have and will use to decorate in December)


I was delighted to find this plug-in light Jack-o-lantern for a dollar


The sales lady gave me this gorgeous 13″ candle along with my jack-o-lantern; I don’t think she expected many shoppers to want Halloween stuff at a Christmas fair

My last stop was a local yard sale. I didn’t get much but it was worth stopping.


Unused lamp switch and a Craftsman screw driver, for a quarter together!


Easy Spirit shoes, lots of use left, for just $1; here they are fresh from the washer

For under $6 I got all these useful-to-me finds. And it was fun.

10 thoughts on “Saturday’s rummage finds (the bargain hunter in her natural habitat)

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      I could be wrong but in my mind I think of flea markets as slightly higher end than rummage sales, yard sales, and white elephant sales. Flea markets make me think antiques or even new stuff. But maybe I made this up! People have so much crap here, they just want it gone.

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      1. Kate Crimmins

        I call them all flea markets but I really don’t know. The local “shows” rent out tables to crafters and they are expensive but nice stuff. Maybe a yard sale where people are trying to get rid of stuff would be a better place for bargains although most people don’t like to handle coin so everything starts at a dollar. Sometimes you can get a 2 fer but nothing under $1. A friend of mine boxed things up and it was $5 a box. Some boxes were a lot of jewelry. Others were tools. They were good buys but there always were things you didn’t really need.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. writerinsoul Post author

          Oh, I hate it when they want you to take a bag or box of stuff they put together. I just won’t take things I don’t need or want. (The hair clip was in a little bag of hair accessories so I asked if I could buy only it; she didn’t mind a bit). People don’t mind making change around here. The other week I came across a lady holding a very small yard sale who volunteered she could take credit cards!

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