Short Thought 209 (girlfriends)

There are some men who make all of their girlfriends (or wives) do the same thing. That is, all of the girlfriends in turn have to sing in his band, or work in his yard, or throw dinner parties with him, or take cross-country motorcycle trips together, or swing dance. And I think to myself, I could never be such and so ‘s girlfriend (or wife) because I don’t want to do whatever that thing is that all his women have to do.

10 thoughts on “Short Thought 209 (girlfriends)

  1. Ron Walker

    Some men possess nothing of an imagination. They just repeat “whatever works” and seek out those that follow along. It’s good to hear women push back against that way of complacency.
    Kudos to you!

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  2. Anxious Mom

    That reminds me of my dad and stepmom, only his “thing” changes every couple of years, so she’s on the hook for having to fully immerse herself in something that she isn’t remotely interested in. There’s no way I could do it.

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