My Dracena “Corn” Plant had a baby, er, flower!

I don’t have children or pets. I have plants. I bought a Dracena plant back in the ’80’s from a home store. It cost $4.  These are the plants that look like the ones seen in a corn field, hence the name. It grew & grew and I hauled it with me, over the course of many moves, even after it was taller than I was (and I’m 5’8″ ). It shocked me once when it grew a flower. I didn’t know they did that! I remember thinking it was kind of like when your dog Rex up and has puppies. Who knew?!

The flower was peculiar; it grew out from the side of the plant rapidly on a long “stalk”. And it had a potent scent. I was renting a room on the second floor in someone’s home at the time and could smell that bloom when I entered the front door of the house.

Years passed. The plant, now in another home with me, reached the ceiling. I cut off and rooted no less than three offshoots. Two survived. In time tbe original plant died. I was very sad to see it go but I still had its “children.” Two years ago one of those plants also grew a bloom. I had the blog then and took photos with the thought of sharing them here. I never got around to it and lost all the photos when my tablet took ill.

Which brings us to now. The other plant has a bloom! I am quite excited. Once the bloom stalk mysteriously begins to emerge from  the plant, which it did about 10 days ago,  it grows fast. Every day there was visible growth till the stalk was about 15″ or more (I forgot to measure but it’s seriously long). The process is really quite something to watch – I’m fascinated and I bet a kid would love it.  The bloom was literally reaching for a nearby tall lamp which it got to and proceeded to hook itself over the edge. I hadn’t realized until I moved the plant a bit to take photos and the bloom wouldn’t let go! The bloom was so tenacious in its desire to reach the lamp that it pulled the upper part of tbe plant crooked (I’ll correct this after it’s done blooming by turning that side of the plant away from the light source).

I took these photos on Saturday.IMG_20180428_200407


It’s strange and beautiful


The other plant occasionally turns up in my blog photos. Here’s a photo including it.


I took this today to show you how it’s touching the ceiling. It may soon be time to cut that off but I’m reluctant and a bit nervous to do it! That sure was $4 well spent I must say.




17 thoughts on “My Dracena “Corn” Plant had a baby, er, flower!

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Funny you say that. I used to keep all plants, even failing ones, even when they bothered me. As I grew older I hardened up and now I say if my plants don’t want to live here and look nice they can get out!

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      It was funny how it made a beeline for the lamp as soon as it emerged. You’re right, it definitely is has a “stalk” like quality, something you’d expect to grow straight up, not over.

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  1. Sheila Moss

    I have a rubber tree plant that is taking over the living room. Instead of growing up, it grows out. It is getting way too large. I think you can trim them, but it would spoil the looks of the plant so I don’t know what to do. Except complain. I know how to complain.

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