Painting a roadside find in bright colors

When it was still cold I spied this piece of wood (no pressboard crap) furniture  by the road. It’s half cabinet and half drawers. A true find! I was on foot so I had to abandon the drawers in order to haul the main piece home. Fortunately it wasn’t too heavy. More fortunately the drawers were still there upon my return. Not that I thought they’d make a break for it once set free… I just hoped no other passerby would find 3 smallish drawers all that is interesting.


It’s 33″ long, 29″ tall, 13″ deep (a great size for many options)


Only once I had it home did I notice the front left leg was a bit chewed up. What the hell??  I guessed a dog might have done the damage (or a big cat?) but I couldn’t think why a pet would gnaw on just the one leg.


I decided to do a quick-n-dirty repair with spackle. I know that’s unorthodox and remembered about wood filler after the fact. Oh well.


Somebody had stained the piece dark brown. Nothing wrong with that but I wanted color. First a coat of prime.


I decided to get brave/experimental with the colors. I am more inclined to do this on a roadside freebee. As always I just selected from what I already have. Even these paints, except the white, were free, abandoned. This is with one coat of color. I could add another if the spirit moves me. I am super happy with how it turned out.  (By the by, now that I think about it, everything on top also was free –  from past finds and giveaways, except the actual plant and the lamp shade.)






It only looks bad up close. Good enough!


28 thoughts on “Painting a roadside find in bright colors

          1. foguth

            Not always – we once found an old hand pump (metal) on the curb – heavy as could be, but we hauled it home, painted it and placed it in the garden, where it became a lovely little feature.


  1. Anxious Mom

    You really have such a good eye. I bet you’d make a killing if you started selling furniture. I know someone who would buy stuff cheap at auctions, the thrift store, etc. and paint it up like you do and make bank.

    We had a dog once that chewed a four-inch section out of our door frame. 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      That’s a great compliment, Erika, thank you. I think about ideas like that; I have lacked the kind of traits that are needed to turn artistic talents into a livelihood. (Maybe you relate?) On the other hand I’ve improved which feels good.

      So what’s up with these selective-chewing dogs?! Milkbones aren’t cutting it?

      Liked by 1 person

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