Spring snow

Snow snuck in at the eleventh hour, landing on daffodils and forsythia. I opened my window, stuck my head (and tablet) out and snapped a few shots above of the gorgeous tree outside my window. I’m not a fan of cold but still cannot resist the magic and beauty of snowfall.

(Mildly Distracting Side Note Before Main Attraction of Post: I don’t know if this gets  mentioned on ubiquitous lists of improbable things that are frequently seen in movies – I don’t remember seeing it – but it drives me absolutely batty every time a character in a movie throws open a house window, to either clmb out or allow someone to climb  in – and there is no window screen.  In and out the people go with ease. No wrestling around with a cumbersome screen. No cutting a hole, no slowing down the hasty, secretive action.  The setting in point could be the deep South, where lord knows what types of wildlife could come flying, scampering or slithering in the screen-less window, and it still doesn’t matter.) Now onto the post!





7 thoughts on “Spring snow

  1. Ron Walker

    You are so right about the windows, especially here in the South. If it’s Spring or Summer, and above about 75F, and you have no screen, your going to have bad guests. A wasp, or a mosquito the size of most wasp, will have you dancing pretty quick.

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  2. Becky Ross Michael

    True about the screens, but I find that very few apartment buildings in my area of north Texas have window screens! I had to get some of those adjustable inserts that (hopefully) remain in the window opening. Lovely photos, by the way!

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