Short Thought 201

There are people I have sympathy for who also irritate me. I think this feeling should be called empannoyance. Let’s use it in a sentence! “I feel bad that she’s sick but she’s being so demanding. She’s empannoying me.” Or: “They’re a small, struggling business that I’d like to help but it’s so empannoying that their customer service stinks.”


11 thoughts on “Short Thought 201

  1. Jim

    Yeah, Colette….I used to have a dear friend like that who died young…..He was a GREAT cook – Indian rice and curry dishes, all kinds of exotic stuff which he feasted us with, free, no strings attached….BUT…..he was a slob extraordinaire, with dirt, cat piss and hairballs, cockroaches,ants, germs everywhere!

    So as I noshed on his terrific meals, I also secretly resented the hell out of him – so weird. He truly empannoyed the hell out of me!



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