Mini pizzas

I make pizza for myself just about very week. I posted “Grandma’s pizza”, a new deep-dish one I tried, about two weeks ago. That was from a recipe but I was experimenting when I decided to try making these mni pizzas.

I make my own dough with a mix of whole wheat and white flours (slightly more whole wheat) and it is SO GOOD if I may say so. Maybe sometime I’ll try to post instructions but the thing is, I’ve made hundreds – no hyperbole – of pizza doughs and some of what I do might be lost in writing. But we’ll see! I sure wish there was a magic way to give you a sample to eat through the internet.

Anyway… I made my dough (you could buy dough if you don’t want to make it) and after it had risen I divided it into 6 portions on a cookie sheet. Note the spankin’  new, shiny, baking sheet; the other week I treated myself to this “Master Chef” brand sheet ($6 from Ross). So far I like it.


Using my fingers I spread each one out thinly.


Usually if I open a 28oz can of crushed tomatoes for something, in this case a big pot of beans, vegetables, and rice I made earlier in the week, I leave a little behind for a pizza. I never buy pizza sauce from the store; it’s too full of junk including salt and sugar. I prefer the flavor of straight tomatoes (ALSO I don’t get super thirsty since my pizza doesn’t have all that dehydrating salt the way restaurant and takeout pizza does).

To the doughs I added a bit of canned crushed tomatoes, a tiny bit more than one square slice of mozzarella cheese divided among the circles, (I add cheese conservatively and not that I’ve ever been to Italy but I understand they go easy on it there too) ,  a lot of dried Basil, and drizzles of olive oil.


I baked them around 12 minutes at around (the oven gauge doesn’t work right) 425°.




SO GOOD!!! Two of these & a bowl of soup or a big salad, you got a meal


NOTE: I’ve been posting a lot this past week because I’ve had unfettered internet access – in case you wondered. I’ve very much enjoyed it but this pace won’t last – in case you wondered again.

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