Short Thought 200 (polygamy)

I can’t be polygamous. I’m lucky if I like one person.


8 thoughts on “Short Thought 200 (polygamy)

  1. sonofabeach96

    Hahaha! I hear ya’. Its hard enough to keep one relationship going well, much less several at a time. And I’ve always thought polyamorous should be polyscrewous. The “amorous” part implies love, and I’d be willing to bet wanting multiple people in ones life has very little to do with love. 😃

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      That’s a tough call. Some people feel wired to have multiple loves simultaneously. There’s definitely a movement of sorts out there. However, I think these relationships are often an invitation to trouble no matter how evolved some of the participants consider themselves. It is, as you astutely note Tony, hard enough to get solidly in place and ongoing. The odds of several people getting and staying in sync when it comes to emotions and sex….

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      1. sonofabeach96

        Slim to none, in my experience, at least. If some can make it work, good for them. I still think in most cases, however, its just wanting different partners. But people have confused love and lust since the dawn of humans. 😃

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