“I’ll take a small popcorn, a diet coke and a round of ammunition please.”

There’s a mall about two miles from me, one that’s been there a long time. It’s kind of run down and “mish mash” so far as its offerings. I go there from time to time mainly for specific things at specific stores. There is crime at this mall and I don’t feel particularly safe there. The vibe is just “wrong” in general. Every fourth or fifth person I see looks kind of sketchy. I’ve always noticed that too many people don’t appear to be there to shop.

Not too long ago an animated discussion about this mall occurred on the local community Facebook page. Some people felt the mall was unsafe but many took umbrage at that characterization and defended it. I just read the comments and stayed out of it. It did give me pause, though, was I judging the mall too harshly? Were my opinions about it in need of updating?

With that in mind I spend several hours shopping at the mall today. It was strange and exhausting. I did buy a few things, primarily food so it wasn’t a bust. My mind didn’t change though and I kind of felt the sign in the window of the multiplex theater said it all:


If you have to SAY it….


15 thoughts on ““I’ll take a small popcorn, a diet coke and a round of ammunition please.”

  1. Kate Crimmins

    It’s a shame. The mall closest to me isn’t unsafe but it’s getting shabby. Major stores are leaving and I fear that it may have the same fate eventually. Personally I like malls. I like being inside to walk from store to store. I like the convenience. However, I’m a dying breed too.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      A dying mall is super depressing especially if you knew it in better days. I’m not anti-malls entirely but Amazon fills a lot of my shopping needs (stuff I can’t get secondhand). I do like actually looking at and touching things especially clothes, but even then I shop thrift & rummage sales more. Food I’ll buy anywhere I find it!

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Yeesh! I wonder if you’re more likely to be shot in the Philippines or the U.S.? (probably U.S.) There ARE security guards at this mall but they don’t really inspire confidence…


      1. Pistachios

        Oh yeah, sounds like the guards they put on late night trains here sometimes. Kind of like they just needed to fulfil the requirement of having security without actually caring about how suitable they are…

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  2. Anxious Mom

    Usually you’ll see these signs for the people who have permits to carry concealed weapons, when owners don’t want them to carry in their place of business since they’re mostly entitled to otherwise. Unfortunately for the owner of the theater, that’s not a legal sign, so permit holders don’t have to follow it. (Although it probably isn’t intended for permit carriers anyway.)

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