Customer service? Maybe…

I was looking at the notices in the pharmacy window at the small, non-chain grocery store near me.  I’m one of those people that reads everything. (If I’m in a dental chair, for instance, I’ll read all the stuff on the walls PLUS the manufacturer name and address on the equipment. I’ll cross the street to read a handwritten sign tacked to a utlity pole. I LOVE bulletin boards. You understand.)


The sign on the left I never noticed before:


Admittedly I laughed out loud. Very sardonic. Then again I’m not a customer (I take no prescription meds and generally avoid pharmaceuticals) so maybe if I was a paying customer, I wouldn’t be chuckling. I mean when you’re sick things aren’t all so very funny.  Or when you’re paying hundreds of dollars for meds. Better, just a few feet away is this sign:


I think they need to make up their mind. Or at least put these signs in separate windows…


Note: please forgive a delay in responding to comments.


16 thoughts on “Customer service? Maybe…

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh, I think it’s meant as funny Christine, and being that my humor swings toward sardonic it made me laugh but I didn’t really think it belongs there. I’ll keep noticing stuff if you keep reading!

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