Let it Snow(ed)…

After a mild start to December there was snow on the weekend. It wasn’t much to speak of, having already melted by today, but it was pretty and even kind of exciting. I had to snap a shot of Lydia the One-armed Watering Girl, Snow Man, and the Chinese lion. They made a fine, decked-out trio.


This probably means I’m easily amused, but the lions in snow never fails to make me laugh. They seem so irked with the indignity.



The other day someone on a local Facebook group posted about making a Christmas “tree” of string lights and decorations that hung on the wall in her home instead of a having a real tree. The photo was very pretty and clever and gave me an idea. In the yard I took a wood garden trellis I have (somebody’s roadside castoff, what else), turned it upside down, added lights, small gold balls and a homemade cardboard and foil star and BAM! I had a tree. The nighttime photo quality isn’t great but you’ll get the idea. It’s about 5′ tall and very sweet for such a simple project. (By the way, WordPress automatically added the falling “snow to my blog which delights me – I had forgotten they do that.)



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