A Dog Tale (of woe)

I was walking a park trail, one that gets lots of use by bikers, walkers and joggers, when I saw a young guy jogging toward me with a dog on a thick chain leash at his side. I was keeping an eye on the dog since it was closest to me and you just never know when a dog might suddenly lunge for a bite (of me). Instead of seeing that, I saw that the dog’s back left foot was injured as he gamely tried to run along beside his master. The two had passed me when I turned and called out, “Your dog is limping!” I saw then that the young man had thick head phones on (oh great) so I picked up my volume, “HELLO? Your dog is hurt!” The guy stopped and looked at me and I began pantomiming the injury. At the exact moment the guy stopped running, his dog promptly keeled over on the ground. (Apparently, given half a chance to quit galloping, the dog took it as he clearly had no more gas left in him.) There may have been a language barrier but the young man, having removed his headphones, definitely understood what I was telling him.

In addition to laying on the ground, the dog now began wheezing loudly. I was several yards from the two,  on my way somewhere, so I did not close the distance between us. “He’s hurt!” I said just to re-emphasize the point. I turned back in the direction I was going but as I did so I continued to look behind me, and heard the guy encouraging his dog to get up! I had no cell phone and figured he was more likely to be carrying one – or could stop another walker for assistance if not – so I continued on my way. There wasn’t anything more I could do here.


NOTE: I won’t be able to respond to comments immediately but this is no reflection on my appreciation of them!


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