Take me to your leader. On second thought…

I’ve had a small folding ladder with two steps for many years. They were – as so many of my things are – a roadside find. I painted them a festive blue & white and they’ve been oh-so-handy. What house does not need a little step ladder?! Anyway, not long ago I needed to relocate them to a new storage spot. They now hang on the wall, easy to reach but not taking up valuable real estate. And so it was that I finally took close note of the figure in the illustration on the side label demonstrating how to properly use the steps.


What is this?? Not quite a man, not quite a woman, not quite human really. The tanktop, pants and belt suggest homosapiens but the feature-lessness of the bald head suggests alien. It’s digit-less “hands” aren’t helping matters either. Now that I’ve noticed this being I can’t stop looking at it. What ARE you? Tell me!


8 thoughts on “Take me to your leader. On second thought…

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