Dollar Tree yard decor (plus one fix-it-up project)

Yard decorations can be expensive and since they take a pounding outdoors from the elements they don’t always last. So over recent years – with most this year – I’ve picked up several cute seasonal decorations from Dollar Tree. Please don’t think they will have these particular items if you go to a Dollar Tree – their stock varies and things they have one year they might never have again. I got lucky I expect.

The earliest pieces I got faded in the sun so I’ve hit upon a way to make them last longer. I touched up the paint myself on two and followed that up with a coat of clear gloss spray paint. It seemed worth a try and this year when I bought a few new pieces I sprayed the clear gloss immediately.

I touched up the paint on these two after it faded.




Here they are in context today.


ASIDE: This isn’t a Dollar Tree thing but since I showed you the shed picture, I want to share a recent project, the little shelves on the door. They were on the curb, headed for the landfill. I didn’t need metal bathroom shelves but they were solidly built and I thought maybe I could do something with them.


Hum-drum right?

A little paint later…


All I did was get a few clay pots I wasn’t using and voilà! Art!

Back to our Dollar Tree program. Also in the shed door photo was this wonderful sun image (in the pot on the ground in the lower right corner). I moved it there because it got “lost” in other locations; but with the white background it shows up.




Isn’t this great? That’s real glass. I sprayed all of the bird with clear gloss


Out of the corner of my eye – and from a little distance – sometimes I think I’m seeing a real bird – especially when I hung it by the bird feeder


I always like spinners in OTHER people’s yards – it was high time I had one.


I was so smitten I went back for another. (Maybe I can paint them when they invariably fade…)



I got two of the flower chime thingees but they were only painted on one side which looked stupid when they spun in the breeze…

…So I painted the “plain” sides myself using random colors I had. I didn’t worry about a “perfect” job for these. Nobody will see them closeup.




Can you tell I like sun imagery?!

think* that’s everything.

(p.s. I’m having internet issues so if I don’t respond in a timely way, that is why. Not because I don’t love you.)

11 thoughts on “Dollar Tree yard decor (plus one fix-it-up project)

  1. The Coastal Crone

    The Dollar Tree is a fun place to shop for inexpensive things like yard decorations and holidays items.I have a couple of small hanging outdoor items that have lasted far longer than I expected. Next time I will do what you did and spray and re-paint them when they fade. The shelves look great! I like sun faces too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Hey thanks! I have been surprised that these things were made of actual metal and glass and like you say, can last. Definitely try the paint and gloss – once you’re attached to something it’s nice to be able to keep it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. edgar62

    Liked all the decorations. birds, flowers and the sun. Good use of the metal shelves and so simple. I feel for you re; the Internet. I am having a few problems with my ISP at the moment.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Thanks, sometimes the simplest things have the most impact. (I just like to let people know when I’m away because of internet issues, so they don’t feel ignoredl.)


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      I must look into this Mod Podge. I think you’ve mentioned it before. You were smart to think of the spraying. I don’t know why I didn’t sooner! If only to prevent rust on outdoor stuff.


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