Gliding into summer…

I love being outside. I am a summer girl. I like decorating the outside too making it a comfortable, beautiful place to be, on the cheap.

I recently posted about several lovely things that have come my way of late, including a free bench style glider. Now, I’m the sort who likes to rearrange items till they’re “right.” This season I started with a red bench in my seasonal screen tent. I had finally needed to knock apart and throw out my preferred bench because it passed the point repairs could keep it going. While the red bench looked cute it really isn’t too comfortable because of the shallowness of the seat. I don’t want to sit rigidly upright like I’m in a church; I want to shift positions and sprawl at whim.

I moved another bench in, a legless one that is intended to be a porch swing (which I sit atop cinder blocks instead) but out it came once the glider arrived. Space-wise it made the most sense to put the glider in the tent, space being not “spacious.” I wanted to share with you my inaugural glider ride and popcorn snack.



With shredded cheese and Nutritional yeast, yum (seriously)

But of course I must show you the view from inside which is really what it’s all about.



Panoramic view (sorry, it’s not the clearest)




Lydia, the One-armed Watering Girl

18 thoughts on “Gliding into summer…

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      What a lovely thing to say. I think there is tremendous power in nature and we get back as much or more than we put in. It’s a natural tranquilizer that’s underestimated.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      I’d love for you to join me! Plenty of room! I “saved” Lydia from a place she was unwanted. A friend hauled her and her fountain basin over and I filled the latter with dirt for plants. I always wanted a statue.

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  1. edgar62

    Well right at the moment I am being dragged, screaming all the way, into winter. The trees are shedding and I have almond leaves everywhere. I am not a fan of winter. Ten days and I’m over this cold already. Only three months to go…

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