I was perusing the weekly newspaper coupons when I saw what appears to be a creepy-looking owl in a cheap suit sporting a monocle and peddling allergy medication.


Here he is in a second ad.


This picture is more disturbing with that outstretched hand no longer holding the product.


In case you’ve forgotten or are uncertain, this is what actual owl “hands” look like. Owl hands are for grasping unsuspecting or slow-moving prey. They don’t look like moldy used gloves. Mr. Owl’s hands in the ad copy are peculiar because they aren’t quite human hands and they aren’t quite owl talons. I mean he’s not even going to be able to pry his way into the surely vault-like packaging on all such pharmaceutical products, the kind that might be assisted by a decent pair of talon-like hands.

Even if we get past the bizarre outfit (used car salesman suit and monocle) why would an owl hock allergy medication? Not because owls suffer from seasonal allergies surely. Because they’re “wise”? Perhaps if I saw a TV ad for this product some of my questions would be addressed. Then again… Whoooooo indeed.


13 thoughts on “Whoooooo?

  1. Ally Bean

    I see this TV commercial daily. I’ve come to believe that the true purpose of that owl is to screw with my brain about how to pronounce the name of the product which has too many weird letters in it. There’s no actual medicine in this product, only creepy confusion. That’s what the owl is selling. 😉

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  2. battlewagon13

    I’m so proud of you for noticing this type of stuff. I somehow feel that I’ve helped you on this solid path of enlightenment. I’m thinking they needed to give him somewhat realistic hands so that it would make more sense when it came to tie his very dapper bow tie.

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