I always wanted one

It’s true. I have always wanted a pink flamingo. They always struck me funny. However, I really couldn’t see spending money on one. In recent years they even started showing up at Dollar Tree, small ones, seasonally, and still I held off. Till the other day. I saw those flamingoes, a bunch of them, but only one had “legs” with it. All the other flamingoes were legless which sort of defeats the point. A hanging flamingo just wouldn’t be the same.

I took it as a sign that I should have my pink flamingo.


He is standing next to mint to give you a sense of his diminutive stature

The “instruction” were interesting too. Since my “stick” were not stuck in the front as illustrated but in two side-by-side holes on the bottom, I was so confused! I could hardly assemble the thing from these complicated instructions.


31 thoughts on “I always wanted one

  1. foguth

    LOL I have a quirky neighbor & this past Christmas, she got a couple hot pink leggy flamingos and decorated them up like Santa and Mrs. Claus … they was funny and sort of spot-on for Florida.

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  2. Ron Walker

    I really need one, or two, or three, since I live in a trailer park. I’m glad you finally got your Flamingo. I just love some of the crazy instructions that come with the simplest items.


  3. edgar62

    Nope not here – my place is not closed off it any way.The dogs have free access to all. I have raised flower beds and such plants as I have are in pots.


  4. Peg Stueber-Temp and Tea

    A long time ago, at a job far, far away – the 1st shift supervisor got a pair of pink flamingos from the group as a gag gift.

    He dutifully put them on his lawn, and took pictures which circulated on the shop floor.

    When he went on vacation – the birds vanished…only to reappear a few weeks later sporting Hawaiian shirts, leis and sunglasses.

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