Roasted Vegetables (part two)

I shared my easy Roasted Vegetables here. This is a somewhat different version (in cooking/eating I find you got to mix things up to keep yourself interested, at least I do).

I used chopped carrots, sliced mushrooms, a cut up green pepper, sliced red and white onions, cut up potatoes, and green beans.

I have to show you these green beans because they were the most beautiful, fresh ones I’d seen in a store in a long time and have not seen since. I can’t bring myself to buy those tired, old gnarly green beans I usually see.


I had not seen “store” beans this nice in years

I coated the prepped vegetables with mustard, coarse sea salt and Italian seasoning (I use a lot of Italian so I bought this big canister from Amazon & wrote on the date I opened it for reference).


I put them on a big cookie sheet. When I go to this trouble I make A LOT so I get a couple days’ servings. Cook at 400° stirring occasionally till vegetables are tender/done.




So good!

7 thoughts on “Roasted Vegetables (part two)

  1. Under the Oaks

    Those look delicious even at 6 oh clock in the morning! I never thought of using mustard! We love green beans on the outdoor grill. A little olive oil and salt and pepper. They are wonderful when they come from our garden… we are waiting patiently.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Mustard is SO useful in dishes because it gives great flavor and replaces oil. I use it in non-lettuce salads too. Your green beans sound heavenly. Previously I didn’t have sun to grow them but a big tree came down, meaning more light – I’ve got bean seedlings started. Very excited!

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