Hide the knives

I  saw this in a store ad. There’s something very “Brides of Chuckie” about them.  If I was a child and one of these dolls was in the room, I’d sleep with one eye open.


“We just want to be your friend.”


16 thoughts on “Hide the knives

  1. Ron Walker

    That’s it, the eyes. They are just dead and way to big. Dolls always freaked me out, not all dolls, just the ones that had that long-drawn-out moooommmmy as if it was taking the last breath.

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  2. battlewagon13

    Holy. Hacking. Heck. Take a look at this blog that I wrote a couple of months ago –


    As you can see, the similarity is eerie. Now I’m not saying there is and I’m not saying there isn’t, but what I’m saying is that there COULD be a conspiracy to infiltrate these beings amongst our population – slowly at first so as not to arouse suspicion, and then a full-on takeover when we are accustomed to seeing their strange, scary faces.

    Aliens? Maybe. Communists? Probably.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Of course I remember that post and looking at it again both frightened me and got this day off to (a needed) laughing start. Historically, artists have had a few issues depicting children. Remember the old artworks where the children look like miniature adults? And other ones where the babies’ heads are as big as the adults? (I’m picturing a famous Mary/Jesus one where baby Jesus has a scary head size.) And who can forget the big eyed, sad children paintings? (No really, WHO?)

      It seems here that the evolution of depicting children has devolved to this. Children whose faces look like smashed clay per your post who are supposed to be projecting something “meaningful” and children who look like they need a good exorcism per mine.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Very well put! I mean they could be the movie poster for a doll slasher movie. With your plot of course. “There was something strange about the dolls the Johnson family brought home for birthday presents that year…”

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