Short Thought 182 (Getting over)

She’s a get-over girl who taught her son to be a get-over boy. She knows how to spin, my god, can she spin. Her talent is convincing people that things are not as bad as they seem and that there’s an alternative way to look at them (one that suits her purposes). It buys her time, it gets people off her back. She’s done it so long it’s like a second language, maybe even a first. He’s watched and learned. He can throw a few phrases around but it all starts to fall apart after that. Because unlike her, he doesn’t see, or more importantly care, how things look to other people, and why one might need to commit to convincing them things are not as crappy as they appear. Her way, sadly, works in the world. His does not.


14 thoughts on “Short Thought 182 (Getting over)

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