Oh you want something now do you?

I have noticed that some people talk to me only when they want something. If I suspect that might be so, I start making a point to pay attention to our encounters. When our paths cross or I hear from them, does this person talk to me about general topics (“This sure is a hot summer isn’t it?”) and do they seem to enjoy talking to me?  (“Good point, Colette.”) Do they appreciate how delightful I am can be? (Oh Colette you crack me up.”) Or do they have no use for me until the day rolls around when they want something?

See, here’s the thing. I don’t know why anybody much approaches me this way ever anyhow, with an agenda of what they’d like me to do, because anymore I rarely grant satisfaction. Good luck trying to get me to run for an office, volunteer, join a committee, or help organize an an event. And if you think I’m going to give any money to your cause, pledge drive, fundraiser, or any other pet project, you go on and sleep tight because you are dreaming. If I give money, it’s voluntary and for something I believe in, never because I’m harangued for it and it’s important only to them.

It is not flattering to realize someone only approaches me when they want something. That fact alone makes me disinclined to acquiesce. Now, if I like you and/or you give me the time of day when you don’t want things, yeah sure, I may sign a petition, show up for a meeting, or volunteer for a limited time (the last of which you best appreciate – a “Thank you, we appreciate your help” oughta do it – or that’ll be the last time you see me volunteering). What I expect though, is that these people simply aren’t paying enough attention to me to realize or care that I won’t like being asked for something under these circumstances, i.e. the blow-me-off-till-you-want-something ones. But I’m paying attention to them.



11 thoughts on “Oh you want something now do you?

  1. edgar62

    Telemarketers: I dislike them the most. I also dislike people who are disabled and plead poverty and need cash. I know of one who even has a Go Fund Me account yet she recently bought an iPhone 7 and told everyone what a wonderful phone it was and all the different things she can do with. And I thought “How very Nice” I can’t afford an iPhone 7 – it’s way beyond my budget. I have two friends who have had breast cancer so I donate to Breast Cancer Research – my choice – and as a dog person, I donate to our local RSPCA. Oh, my dogs like cookies – just saying :o)

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Yes, when people create “faux” problems and try to enlist other people’s support by playing on their sympathies, I have little. I think people who routinely ask other people for this, that, and the other, don’t care what the circumstances or financial situation of those people are. Yet, like you I continue to be taken aback when people who clearly have more than I do either complain about their situation or ask me for help.


  2. C.E.Robinson

    Good point, Colette! I agree! Seems I’m out of the picture to be approached for volunteer work or for favors! The door solicitors don’t get anything either. They knock on the door and give up when the dogs start barking. I’m somewhat of a recluse in retirement! Have a peaceful weekend! 🎶 Christine

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