Say hello to my (steamy) little friend


Whenever I find something good I like to share it. I don’t know about you but by this time in winter, when everything feels so bone-chilling and dry, I crave warmth and humidity. Not having enough moisture in the air makes it feel colder than it is so if you crank up the heat and still can’t get warm, that is often the reason. You need the right mix of humidity and heat to be comfortable. Beyond the comfort factor, allergies have been a life-long issue for me and the dry air does me no good.

People hole up in the bathroom for long, steamy showers or take hot baths to compensate. That’s all very nice and once upon a time I would’ve done it too. However, where I live (and have lived a long time) there is a big-ass WINDOW right in the shower and it gets COLD. I cover up the window with plastic in winter but still, that doesn’t make a huge difference. My point being the shower isn’t somewhere to linger – and hot water is very drying on the skin too. As if you’re not feeling dry-n-scaly enough by February.

I’ve had humidifiers before but they need a lot of baby-sitting whether it’s cleaning or buying new filters. When I googled the difference between humidifiers and vaporizers I was happy with what I found. Humidifiers typically put cool moisture into the air (although there are warm-mist humidifiers) while vaporizers boil water and pump out lovely steam. Vaporizers can have oils and medicinal scents added so they are often used when people, especially kids, are sick. (When I was a kid we had a glass vaporizer for when we were sick. Now they are plastic. I don’t know how you boil water in plastic but you do.) And even better, since the water is boiled it’s less likely to harbor bacteria meaning the unit needs less cleaning. YAY.

I got this Vicks vaporizer recently and instantly took to it. I love the wonderful, steamy, warm mist this baby cranks out. I stuck my face into the steam and breathed deep, getting sinus relief and a facial in one. I just stayed there awhile. It felt heavenly. Where have you been all my life, steamy friend?

My room is small and initially I steamed the heck out of it. The humidity gauge I used to see how well the vaporizer worked shot up to 90%! In fact the windows were covered with water, the mirrors fogged over and the sides of my Ikea cabinet were dripping. It then occurred to me that since Ikea furniture isn’t exactly wood but some kind of composite, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Oops. I mean I’m not trying to create a moldy environment just a more humid one. I’ve subsequently dialed back my vaporizer output in order not to rot out my furniture.

A vaporizer may not be the beach, or an island vacation, or a heated indoor swimming pool, or a clear mountain lake in July, but for this time of year when the pickins’ are relatively slim, it feels awfully luxurious to me.

8 thoughts on “Say hello to my (steamy) little friend

  1. edgar62

    Looks and sounds interesting and refreshing but be carefully what you wish for or you might end up here where the average temperature for the last week during the heatwave has been 42c – Oh Joy!!



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