New levels of spammery

In WordPress bloggers have spam folders just like email has. Occasionally I check mine just in case a real message accidentally landed there. I don’t answer spam except to have a little blog fun. I just found this beaut of spam.

Hello, i reead yoyr blog frkm tie tto tiume and i
oown a similzr one and i wwas juswt curiouss
iif yoou geet a lott oof spzm feedback? If soo howw ddo you stopp it, anyy pllugin oor abything yyou can recommend?
I get so mjch latel it’s drifing me crzy sso aany hellp is vvery mufh appreciated.

A spammer “asking” how to avoid spam?!? And in such a deliberately annoying, hard-on-the-eyes way?? If that doesn’t beat all…

Deere Spmmerr, Ii noo juswtt whaatt u meene. I surre pheel urre PAIINE. I noo whhatt wee can do. Rounnnd upp awll the spmmerrs an tookk them oout two thhe woodz andd llet thhe wooolfs eatt thm.


10 thoughts on “New levels of spammery

  1. edgar62

    I have not had a spammer in a long while – perhaps that’s because I am not important enough to spam. I can live with that. We don’t have wolves nor bears but we do have crocodiles and they are always hungry little blighters..

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