Why would a jalapeño wear high tops?

I bought a jar of sliced jalapeño peppers a little while ago and just opened them. That was when I noticed the lid.


Is he going somewhere? Running somewhere? I actually kind of like his retro quality even when I think he looks more like a pickle. I mean if you didn’t know, wouldn’t you think it was a happy pickle? I further don’t understand the slogan “Uncommon Quality From People Who Care” in this context. Shouldn’t the jalapeño be the one saying something here like “Bite Me and I Bite Back”? I feel there is a disconnect between the jalapeño and the words. At the least they could reference why he seems so euphoric (“Our Vegetables Get Only the Best Dirt!”) or why he needs footwear (“Vegetables Rushed From the Farm to You”). I’m just puzzled is all.


12 thoughts on “Why would a jalapeño wear high tops?

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      I get up VERY early to get to a few things ahead of you Tim! We both pay more attention to our surroundings than apparently is good for us. But damnit! If they want to pass that off as a jalapeño they should try a little harder! A sombrero! Something!

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