The Last of the Mohicans IKEA shelves

Last year I found some IKEA shelves thrown out. I like tossed-out IKEA furniture especially single bed frames and shelves because the lumber is good, easy to work with and lightweight. As you might imagine their furniture comes apart easily too. I have no qualms about salvaging & subsequently knocking apart pieces otherwise headed for the landfill. This was a unusual find, a tall unit with six 16″ square shelves.

Remember back in grade school they taught you how Indians (they said Indians then) used every last part when they killed a buffalo? Ate the meat, made outfits from the hides and fashioned utensils from bones? That’s how I felt about how I used these IKEA shelves! (On hearing that somewhere a great warrior chief is spinning in his grave.)

First I made wall art which I later slightly updated. Next I got the idea to make a headboard. Then I used two of the long thin boards to make a privacy lattice by nailing them to the an otherwise flimsy piece of lattice (the kind that Lowes or Home Depot sells in big sheets but this was cut down). I now give you The Last of the IKEA Shelves, a simple “laundry station” above the washing machine in the kitchen. I used the last two long pieces of wood to make the rectangular frame and small pieces I already had for the shelves.

This is a bit over four feet tall and tucked into a space between a cabinet (a $5 yard sale IKEA unit that I painted red) and attached to the existing cabinet and a window.  I even remembered when designing (and I use that last word loosely) the unit to take into account that bottles would stick out past the 4″ shelves and potentially impede opening the cabinet door which would be a real bitch to discover/realize belatedly and is somewhat typical of how I make things in my I-want-it-done-now approach to construction (again, loose use of a word).

I am really happy with it. The design is super convenient and allowed me to give away a tall metal shelving unit that previously held the laundry stuff (and took up too much space).



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