Things Men Have Said To Me (#28)

The recent term “alternative facts” regarding how many people attended the inauguration reminded me of something said to me long ago.

He was a new friend. I knew he got high but that’s not my thing. He was visiting one afternoon and we were having a discussion – I forget about what – and he said something questionable that I then challenged. He became somewhat indignant and offered a swift rejoinder.

HIM: “It’s a factual fact.

That’s when I realized he was stoned.

We didn’t stay friends but to this day I trot out his words when I think my words need that little extra emphasis.

12 thoughts on “Things Men Have Said To Me (#28)

  1. allthoughtswork

    This reminds me of my freshman year in college as an English major attempting to flirt with male engineering students. I got a swift lesson the disparity of personal lexicons. These guys literally had no idea what the majority of adjectives in the English language meant and showed little interest in changing that, even after I helpfully defined a few for them.

    One guy blurted out, “I know what words are!” and I laughed my ass off for ten minutes. We didn’t date.

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