“New” bag

I wrote about finding  the carryall bag of my cheap dreams several months ago. I was so pleased to snag an inexpensive bag that could hold a lot of stuff  (purse, library books, an umbrella, etc) and still look stylish. Before finding that bag I was relying on cumbersome backpacks a lot. As is often the case with things I want, I’d had the idea of such a bag in my head a long time before I found it at a price I liked. Since then I use that Leeds bag all the time.

My luck continued in late 2016 when I happened on this brown bag at a local church thrift store. It had been $2 but was on a rack that said half-price. I think the reason it was marked so cheap was because the polka dots looked dingy when I found it. But I was able to scrub them with soap and a toothbrush (my go-to small cleaning instrument) and then the dots popped. This bag isn’t quite so large as the black one but still big enough to hold several items, including my purse. It has a large pocket on the opposite side too. The brand is Jack!e (Jacqueline Savage McFee). I never heard of it before but just found that she has a website, blog, and Facebook page, all of which seem to emphasize fabrics, i.e. not cute accessories like this.

Between the two colored bags – black and brown – I now have carryalls that go with everything. I can’t tell you how organized and pulled together this has made me feel – like a grownup lady person!



It even has a detachable shoulder strap

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