Readers, could you use a laugh?

Before I ever started blogging one of the random things I did online was write funny captions in a regular “contest”. The site put up a picture, maybe a cartoon or even an old movie still, and entrants wrote captions which appeared below the picture with their name. You could write as many as you wanted for each one. It wasn’t exactly a contest which is why I wrote the word in quotes. It seemed like the pet project of a congenial young fellow, one which never took off the way I expect he’d have liked.

I didn’t tell anybody I was doing it. It’s the kind of writing I love to do (and wish somebody would pay me for – sigh) and I was happy to have the outlet. After awhile though, I felt like it wasn’t a very good use of my time (ahem, which isn’t to suggest my time gets used brilliantly on whole, ahem – yes that deserved two ahems).

I went looking now and found the site abandoned in 2015 BUT I found all my entries still online. I invite you to check them out. There’s a lot there. They are fresh to me because it’s been so long that I don’t remember most of them. I’d caution that the pictures are quite small and would be best viewed on a full size screen but if you click on any picture that will enlarge it.  Here’s my entries. Go on! They’re funny!



9 thoughts on “Readers, could you use a laugh?

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Thanks Tim! Funny you say that…it’s only been in the last 2 weeks or so while cruising (limited) channels randomly that I’ve come across the bad movies and the snarky commentary by the odd trio in the front row. (What the hell was this??) Yes, I want to sit up there & make comments too! Join me?

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