Short Thought 174 (generosity)

When someone is generous to me (assuming there is no skeezy motive) I am learning just to shut up and say thank you, thank you so much. No argument, no question, no doubt, no rush to immediately reciprocate. Just thank you.

14 thoughts on “Short Thought 174 (generosity)

  1. M. Oniker

    Thank you for this, on behalf of all of the people who end up arguing, “No really, it is ok” and other things to people who just can’t say, “Thank you.” My bff is Canadian and I have to verbally wrestle with him every time I do anything remotely nice for him. I still find that preferable to the other end of the spectrum: The folks who don’t acknowledge a kindness in any way but just figure they are entitled. Give them a million bucks and they still wouldn’t say, “Thanks.” People…

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Sent that too soon. Sometimes when the shoe is on the other foot and I tire of the verbal back-and-forthing, I might just say, “Ok, if you don’t want it I’m taking it back then” which usually shuts the other person up (as it would me!)

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