Coupla thoughts on the election

There was a time – and it just wasn’t all that long ago – when the President-elect’s thrice-married status would have been the big news. The thing people would have tsked-tsked about, the aspect of his character that we would have found – or been told to find – concerning. Ha. Ha. Ha. Gee, that sounds like the Good Old Days.

You know what I never liked? When two or more people have some kind of knock-down, drag-out, ugly-piece-of-business fight, and then afterward, somebody either makes them or tells them to “shake hands and make up.” That’s always hit a false note with me. And that’s how it feels now. Shake hands and make up. Right. Now.

I remind myself this country has been far more divided than it is in this moment. Blood relatives shot and killed one another in the Civil War. The phrases you often hear are “brother against brother” and “families torn apart.” This isn’t like that. I know. And– we kind of patched that up too. It’s not like there’s a border guard at the Mason-Dixon line where you have to show papers to cross to the other side. There aren’t two governments, North and South. I guess I’m saying – I’m telling myself – if those folks managed to get themselves back on some kind of track as roughly one country, we should be able to as well.

I also remind myself – because I must – this is the same country that elected our current President not once but twice! And recently at that. But, but…. I’m a might confused. How can we be BOTH? Are we really that fickle a country? Is it as I fear that we are a child-like people who want – demand – instant gratification? Who are never satisfied with our lot, whatever it may be? Do we constantly insist somebody “fix” everything and when they don’t/can’t/won’t, jump to the next person or faction who assures us they will?

Do we really as a people want to talk about “tough tines” and our hard lives when many of those people who lived through the Great Depression still walk among us? When people who were subjected to a segregated U.S. – and all the atrocities which came with it – are still here to remember?  I mean to say that as a nation we seem to run from one thing to the next, we seem to always want more than what we have; no, insist we deserve more. (Ironically, it is the very flamboyant existence of high-profile individuals like our President-elect who help create this very dissatisfaction – this very American dissatisfaction.)

My sense of humor is at low tide this week but hasn’t entirely escaped me… If you don’t know the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” let me share something from it that’s been going through my mind. There’s a wedding scene that turns into a killing brawl. To patch things up between the aggrieved parties, the father of the groom says, “Now now, let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who, this is supposed to be a happy occasion!”

Right. This is supposed to be a happy occasion.

(Note: I’m currently having internet woes and may not see or be able to respond to comments right away, my advance apologies.)


7 thoughts on “Coupla thoughts on the election

  1. foguth

    Hopefully, everyone will eventually figure out that we’re all ‘passengers on spaceship Earth’ and that the ride will be smoother if we accept our differences and learn how to compromise.

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  2. battlewagon13

    I blame so many things for the current situation – the media, the internet, whatever. But the simple fact is that if people were just well….PEOPLE….then we’d all be a lot better off. I for one never get that involved with politics and never feel particularly strongly one way or the other, but these past couple of years really make me want to go far, far away.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      I know. It’s wearying. I’m not a political creature myself but there are some issues I feel very strongly about. But I feel ya – mostly lately I just want to stay out of the fray.


  3. JunkChuck

    We’ve become a client nation and we vote not unlike a small, mercurial, and vindictive customer might leave a tip for a waiter. The thing is, we own the restaurant and the staff works for us–we demand a certain level of service, act petulantly when we don’t get it, though in the end we get the service–or the government that we deserve.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Yes, as a country we now run from one thing to the next (be it planking or president). We don’t like anything that requires too much of us: deep-rooted social problems, unforeseen consequences to well contentioned acts, or complex, multilayered issues.



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