Short Thought 170 (drinking)

No one over the age of thirty should brag about what – or how much – they drink.


8 thoughts on “Short Thought 170 (drinking)

  1. edgar62

    The sad thing is that in Australia almost everything involves alcohol and although young people think they drink to be sociable, they really drink to get drunk. But it seems to me that after 30 they tend to settle down and only the “the lost” keep up the heavy drinking. There are a lot of lost in Australia.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Honestly, that sounds much like the U.S. Our culture is built around drinking and heavily promoted. I think most people call their drinking social drinking but that doesn’t necessarily describe its true role in their life. And unlike many other substances – it’s legal! Cheap!


    1. edgar62

      Yes but if you are drinking 18 year Old Single Malt, there is every likelihood that it is a “social”setting. I drink 22 YO Glenmorangie from time to time and not many young people are that selective in their tastes.



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