Officer “Friendly”

I don’t often contact my police station in part because of past experiences which have ranged mostly from indifferent to antagonistic. One time though, many years ago, I went there for assistance after having a weird incident with another woman and her 3 unleashed dogs that had surrounded me, barking and growling on a woodland path. I wanted to know what I could do should it happen again (we do have a leash law).

An officer met with me alone at the station. On contact he shook my hand. Normal enough right? Then instead of releasing my hand, as one would expect, he held onto it and turned it over in his own hand to examine my turquoise ring, which he then commented upon. Jeez-o-flip. TODAY I totally know that for a power play, a sexual/dominance thing. TODAY I hope I would pull my hand away. But at the time I didn’t. I was taken aback and deferred to his position which I’m sure he counted on. It still pisses me off. He didn’t help me either. His advice? He actually told me to grab the dog by the balls. Riiiiggght. This was a younger officer too, not some good ol’ boy with no clue about women. Grab the dog by the balls.

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