Things Men Have Said To Me (#26)

I didn’t know him but I’d seen him around. He’d looked at me in a friendly way a couple times but I really hadn’t thought much about it. He was younger and I was pretty sure he was married. He struck up a conversation with me while he was working and no one else was around. After brief chit-chat he looked at me more pointedly and asked if he could say something to me.

ME (somewhat warily): “What’s the subject about?”
HIM: “It’s about attraction.”
ME: “Aren’t you married with a couple little kids?”
HIM: “Yes. It’s only talking.”
ME (joking it off): “Uh huh. Get back to work!”

After that he was very cool when our paths crossed. He was likely embarrassed and wanted to act as if the encounter hadn’t happened but ironically the deliberate snubs served to remind me. Later, as in years later, I pieced together that there’d been trouble in his marriage at the time but they must have patched it up because they stayed together.

13 thoughts on “Things Men Have Said To Me (#26)

  1. George

    Handled very nicely, though I think I might have played with him a little more just to mess with his mind before dropping the hammer…:) But that’s just me enjoying the moment..:)



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