Rethinking the room

Sometimes you change one thing and it makes something else not work right. This is true whether it’s a change you make in yourself or in your life and also in more practical matters like home decor. Such was the case after I made a headboard. It looked okay but I realized the art I had above it wasn’t quite right anymore. I needed to lighten up. I switched out the dark black and white canvas for a framed photo poster I’ve had a very long time. I’ve grown older and some of my tastes have changed along the way but I still adore this picture. This is the wall I see when I enter my room so I look at it often. I may eventually get creative/brave and make something for this spot – I’m thinking about possibly building a large wood frame and attaching a beautiful piece of fabic across it but I presently have neither the wood nor the theoretical beautiful fabric so for now I like this! (Also, I’ve since removed the black/white border at the ceiling to go with the lighter look.)



I am so crazy about this photograph that soon after I initially bought it in a store (long ago pre-internet) I found and bought a companion poster, a closeup of the flowers, which is on an adjacent wall. It doesn’t bother me to have two pictures of the same thing; each makes me happy and they don’t readily suggest they’re from the same photograph.



5 thoughts on “Rethinking the room

  1. bleamond

    I have been thinking of making a headboard, or painting an old one in bright colors. yours looks great! Another thing you mentioned.. putting a piece of fabric over a wood frame. I did that and I found the frame at a thrift store. it is easy to find many sizes of frames already made. I can send a photo of the one I did, I am so happy with it.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Beth, I’d love to see it. I was thinking of a really big wood frame, maybe 4.5′ long x 2.5′ wide, something that would be the width of the bed; the “headboard” is just under 5 feet long. I’ve thought about painting an old interesting bed frame too but to use my futon I’d have to re-work a regular bed frame (and I really don’t have room for one…)


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