Short Thought 166 (family entertainment)

Not for any religious reasons, I just watched the 2016 DVD “The  Young Messiah.” I think I must have seen previews for it on another DVD and decided to give it a try. Anyway, smack on the DVD box cover under the title is this quote attributed to one Hugh Hewitt: “A SPECTACULAR MOVIE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.”  Let’s see here… there were multiple gory murders including baby killings, stabbings, an attempted rape, disturbing “visions,” graphic crucifixions and the repeated appearance of a sinister devil-like character. Well hot dog! That IS fun for the whole family! Get grandma and the baby and we’ll all pop some corn and have us a family night!


12 thoughts on “Short Thought 166 (family entertainment)

  1. edgar62

    I have not seen this, but thank you, now I wont bother. Personally I do not understand the need of producers these days to show everything in graphic detail. Perhaps it’s just me and I’m not in tune with modern times.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      If someone is used to Game of Thrones or other shows like that, this won’t seem all that bad. You’re right; there does seem to be a movement to see how far they can go. I can handle gruesome to a point if it serves the plot but not as a entree all its own.

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  2. George

    Maybe one day they’ll open up a Messiah next to adventure land in the happiest place on earth where the whole family can gather together with Mickey and friends and celebrate the gore and crucifixions.
    Can’t wait.

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