Are you Scout material?

Are you Scout material? Here’s the list that describes one. I’ll do me first:

Trustworthy – Oh yes
Loyal – Yeah, just don’t cross me
Helpful – Always
Friendly – Mostly
Courteous – Mostly
Kind – Yes, if you’re not a jackass, a con artist, a fool, a buffoon, a blowhard, a bully, a liar, a thoughtless jerk, willfully ignorant, a racist, a misogynist, incompetent… maybe I better go to the next one
Obedient – Um, to who?
Cheerful – Some days
Thrifty – Oh my yes!
Brave – Eh. Up for debate.
Clean – Sure
Reverent – Hahhaha

My career as a Scout is not looking promising.

12 thoughts on “Are you Scout material?

  1. jan

    If you’re talking Brownies – hahahahaha! As a former scout leader I can tell you “cheerful” while being disobedient, friendly – well only to banana slugs, clean – oh please God.

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