Adding ethnic “touches” (to my decor)

A little while ago I noted the absence of ethnic decor in my home. I wanted more diverse touches. I scored just the sort of thing I had in mind at a yard sale last weekend and added them to this high, narrow shelf. Two of the wood animals were .50 apiece and the third was .75. I was smitten with each (I don’t want to buy things just to buy them – like slapping a big tribal mask on the wall so I can say I have something “ethnic” – it needs to resonate somehow and animals do).


The newcomers work perfectly here.


This little guy is heavier than he looks. Very solid.




This flat fish says made in Bali. Isn’t it gorgeous?!


I noticed after-the-fact one of his ears had been broken and glued but I would have bought him anyway. Now I won’t worry about ME busting off one of his ears.



3 thoughts on “Adding ethnic “touches” (to my decor)

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