Carryall bag of my cheap dreams

I found the bag of my discount dreams. In winter I often find myself carrying a backpack with my “stuff” in it. But that’s not all that stylish. Sometimes, depending on where I’m going, it’d be nice to have a slightly more attractive carryall; one a purse, umbrella, and water bottle could fit into (I hate carrying multiple bags and/or not having a free hand – it makes me feel like a pack donkey). However, many of the bigger bags I’ve looked at – and I’ve been looking for awhile – weigh a ton! Who needs a hefty BAG in addition to all the stuff that’s in it? Not good for your shoulder, back, etcetera. This one is actually lightweight without being flimsy and I got it at a yard sale for 50 cents!

It has almost all the features I’d want: zipper closure, outside zippered pocket, adjustable straps, and 2 mesh side pockets for water. It’s big and roomy, 15″ deep and 15″ wide. This thing can fit library books or even a few groceries. It also has what I assume are pen holders so maybe it’s supposed to be an office/work bag. The brand is Leeds and it’s fairly well made, not top of the line. I prefer straps that are stitched down across the bag to support all the weight. These are just stitched at the top and are almost sure to start to pull apart evenutally. However, for 50 cents…





9 thoughts on “Carryall bag of my cheap dreams

  1. edgar62

    Bag looks not too bad and it seems to fit the bill of your needs. I have a laptop bag that I bought from Strandbags some years ago and apart from the laptop it carries all the things I need. I hope you get good use from your bag and it holds all your dreams until such time as you need them.


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