“Mirror, mirror…”

I got a Snow White mirror. Let me back up. I like mirrors. Most of the ones I have aren’t all that cool. Sure I paint them and do interesting things with them but on whole they aren’t especially unique. Colorful yes. So the other week I spied a big pile of junk/stuff thrown out. Naturally I had to check it out. I didn’t find much of interest but I did see this mirror that shouted “Snow White mirror” at me. (It didn’t actually shout or that REALLY would have made it a Snow White mirror.)

My first thought was that I’d paint it a bright color and hang it in my home somewhat ironically – I’m not the gilded or ornate type, style-wise. But damned if I didn’t find the perfect spot and love it as is.


It hasn’t said anything yet. But then again I haven’t asked it anything.

Awhile back I looked around my home and thought, you know, there’s really nothing ethnic here. It’s not that I’m never drawn to objects or art from other cultures and countries, but I guess I don’t come by them naturally since I don’t travel to places I might pick up interesting trinkets and such. I resolved to make improvements to this decor oversight. This wood piece from Bali I bought was the first step. I would have said it was a horse but the tag said zebra so there you go. It spoke to me too (“so to speak”).




8 thoughts on ““Mirror, mirror…”

  1. edgar62

    That does look an attractive mirror, although having said that, I am not really a great fan of mirrors. Junk and antique shops are great sources of materials. I have a friend in Adelaide who spend her non-working moments trailing through pre-loved clothes shops. Not just any clothes but anything around or before 1950s.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      I like junk/antique (although probably more junk than antique) shops too. But my favorites are free-by-the-road; can’t beat that. Like your friend, I’m a big fan of second (third, fourth) hand stuff although I’m not fussy about the date. It’s cheap and it seems wasteful to just keep buying new stuff when there’s already so much here.


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