Short Thought 153 (bells & whistles)

I dated a man who I concluded needed about half of what I was. Sort of like buying a phone or a computer or other major appliance with lots of bells and whistles you’ll never use. Better to get a more basic version.

4 thoughts on “Short Thought 153 (bells & whistles)

  1. Jim Link

    Chuckle, Colette…I believe you….I’ve dated women whose virtues, talents, bells and whistles far exceeded mine and we parted amicably with me reluctantly admitting the truth.

    Also, in the wild , politically amok ’70’s, 3rd wave feminists (or whatever wave they were) would hilariously suggest that real women, i.e. themselves, deserved to have several men to accommodate them adequately . One man to do the housework, another to cook, a third to repair appliances, a 4th to be breadwinner, a 5th to bring bliss to the boudoir, etc……..The new polyandry, so to speak.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      I think it’s good to see yourself clearly especially when it comes to relationships, even if it’s not a jolly truth!

      There’s actually something to what you’re refering to, although I know you meant it sardonically. Many women try, not always with success, to get all their needs met from one man when in fact, they might do better to spread those needs among several people (and I don’t necessarily mean other men).



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