Oh! Oh! Oh! Tomatoes and Basil!

Any time of year is good by me for tomatoes and basil but now that it’s summer, I can have them fresh. We’re fortunate, since this is not a farming community, to have a local weekly farmers market. This past Sunday I picked up tomatoes and fresh basil. Hmmmm. My mind slips off the rails for these two, especially in combo.

This salad is so easy. Chopped tomatoes, washed basil leaves. shredded mozzarella, a few rinsed capers, and olive oil. Ohhhhh.


Not quite pesto, this pasta dish is quicker and easier. To linguine I add minced basil leaves (kitchen scissors make it snappy), chopped tomatoes, a bit of lemon juice, olive oil, and a tiny bit of crushed red peppers to give it a kick. Minced garlic is also to-die-for but as a rule I only add garlic to cooking if it’s my last meal of the day, not if I’m going to be out and around people. I could eat this pasta every day.


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