Bargain shoes find their outfit

Last year I posted about buying low-heeled rummage sale shoes. I’ve been wearing most of my finds but one pair thwarted me.


The problem shoes

Every time I tried to wear these “Dexter” brand shoes I thought they looked stupid. I figured they’d go with jeans but I didn’t like how they looked plus they seemed a little conservative for my style. I’d never had shoes like them (driving shoes? mocassins?) and they made me uncertain. I didn’t want to give up too soon so I held on to them. Then in the summer on a whim I tried them with shorts. Yes! It worked.



The top was one of a shocking(!) 17 I bought from someone selling clothes on a yardsale Facebook group in late winter. I got lucky first in that nobody else was eyeing summer clothes then and that so many of her clothes fit me. They were nice things but she’d put on weight, she told me, and could no longer wear them. They averaged 60 cents apiece! The shorts were from a thrift store and the hat, which has lasted years, came from Dollar Tree. I added inexpensive shoe pads to make the shoes more comfortable and wore little nylon footies – also found at Dollar Tree at 3 for a buck – that don’t show. The shoes make the shorts outfit look dressier than with sport or open-toe shoes. I felt pulled together and very comfortable.



9 thoughts on “Bargain shoes find their outfit

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Hey thanks! They puzzle me but I don’t think they are “driving shoes” because they have more of a sole and I can walk around a lot in them. But then, I’ve never owned “driving shoes” either!

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