I don’t get a tremendous amount of sun, but treasure what I do because it’s enough in this corner in particular to have some of my favorites. You might think I was creating a sort of “tableau” here, which I guess I am but the real reason the plants are up like that is to keep them away from the slugs! It doesn’t work though, since slugs are mad for Basil, Marigolds, and Zinnias, pretty much in that order (all of which I have there) and will scale upwards to reach them (if I don’t catch ’em first). Lastly, I adore purple coneflowers, my favorite summer perennial, and although they get gawky for want of proper sun, at least I have a few blooms in the weathered clay pot. I grew the Basil, my favorite herb (on the left side of the chair) from seed and it’s taken this long to get to “eating” size.

For the record, I found every object you see there tossed out by other people: All the plant pots were free, the chair was tossed, even the lattice (which I repaired, painted, and added on those blue IKEA twin bed frame strips to – also thrown out) was a roadside find, as well as the Chinese lion, one of a mixed pair. Oh, I *did* buy the rain gauge from the dollar store.

The lions, evidently a blog staple, seen – humorously I think – in old posts:


9 thoughts on “My flower corner 2016

  1. Sheila Moss

    This was told to me by a lawn care guy and worked for me. Get some tuna cans (or similar) put outside where slugs are, pour a little beer in each can and leave overnight. Slugs will crawl in but not out. At least they die happy. PS: beautiful flowers.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh thanks, guess what? I moved my little slug dishes out of the camera view for this picture. I felt they detracted from the ambiance… some of them walk, or rather slither right by the beer and head up the pots.

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