Short Thought 144 (shopping cheap)

Much of my clothes I buy second-hand but yesterday I rallied my spirits to go into a large discount store that has a staggering amount of inexpensive clothes. The customers I see shopping there do so because they have to, not because it’s a nice place. The dressing rooms are no frills and the carpet in them is nasty and stain-covered. On a lone hook I had to put my bag, the clothes I wanted to try on and my own clothes. There was a moment where I thought very specifically, “If I drop my bra on this floor, I’m leaving it there.”


6 thoughts on “Short Thought 144 (shopping cheap)

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh, this was a “real” store with new stuff but I still advocate for second-hand places – they are much nicer than they might once have been. You just pass over anything weird looking.


  1. C.E.Robinson

    Oh no…you didn’t have to take your shoes off, did you? Hope everything you tried on slipped over your head. Have had that experience. Think germs are everywhere! Not fun! 💛 Elizabeth


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      No way I was standing shoeless on that floor! All slip-over-head stuff. Although, my trick in that instance is to balance on one foot, step out of the shoe, change and step right back in, foot never touching the floor. But you need good balance!



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