There outta be a song about IKEA stuff by the road (or: “Repurposing” furniture for small spaces)

In late winter, I spied two large pieces of IKEA furniture by the road not too far from where I live. I immediately wanted them and wasn’t going to let not having a car stand in my way. I went home and fetched a dolly and hustled back to their location, worried that somebody would snap them up before I could. Fortunately, they were laying on their sides, looking a bit coffin-like frankly, so they were less appealing to other potential road scavengers.

As you probably know, much of IKEA furniture is made of that composite junk and thus is heavy, although granted, any piece of furniture standing 6 feet tall is going to be heavy. I wrestled one up and onto the dolly and began to pull it home. Which was naturally uphill.

Now I have hauled a lot of stuff home in my day and I have to tell you pretty much nobody ever offers assistance. Please understand I am not saying they should – I’m competent and doing these whacky things is my own idea. Besides, I must look like I know what I’m doing. So I was surprised that along the way not one but TWO different men in vehicles stopped to offer help. I politely declined (but boy wouldn’t they have been surprised had I replied, “Well you COULD go back and get the other one for me.”) And yes, after I got one home, I DID go back and get the other one.

I decided to put all the shelves from both combined into one unit and to use that in place of a dresser. I’d been moving away from using dressers for awhile – I don’t have a lot of room and I like being able to see everything at once. With a dresser I almost never pay attention to the clothes stacked on the bottom; they cease to exist so far as I’m concerned. I put the IKEA piece in my room and added the long mirror to the front which is ideal because I’m out of wall space. I’ve previously painted the back of the door that same lime green as well as the overhead fan blades so there’s a lime green accent theme.


I stack jeans, leggings, and shorts while storing small items like socks, undies, scarves, etcetera in their own compartments in fabric boxes. One day I may make all the boxes match but that day has not come.


I thought the handle on the IKEA unit was weird and hard to get hold of to pull open. Fortunately there was a better handle on this little shelf/drawer unit (also found, repaired & painted earlier this year) so I swapped the handles. I had to drill new holes but otherwise it was easy to do.


Here’s the little shelf/drawer unit with the IKEA handle. It works fine there. (I’ve got various jeans shorts and capri-length jeans in this drawer. Everything else – tops, dresses, jackets, skirts, shorts & pants that need ironing are hung in the closet).

I got inspired to put the other IKEA unit on its side in the main living space where it holds the giant TV – no flat screen here – resting it on wood pieces. I did add one more piece of wood as an internal support as I could just see that heavy TV crumpling the flimsy wood in short order. I painted the clear plastic insert slate blue on the inside. It holds lots of bulky stuff that is needed but better out of sight. I left the original handle because it actually works turned this way.




7 thoughts on “There outta be a song about IKEA stuff by the road (or: “Repurposing” furniture for small spaces)

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