New header for blog

My header (the main photo at the top of my blog) is two years old. I figured I needed an update. When I started this blog I knew I wanted my eyes to “represent” the blog more or less and I still do. I took a few shots today and these were the 3 I chose from. I like each in its own way. I think I’ll put ’em all up and let WordPress “randomize” them.






14 thoughts on “New header for blog

  1. Jim

    Wow! The eyes have it, Collette! I like them all, but especially the bottom one with wisps of hair hovering near each eye…….That pic makes you look intense, curious, somebody to be reckoned with, without making you look “cute” – which you sure do NOT want! The middle one makes you look a tad bit ominous, like an aspiring gangster’s moll – which you sure do NOT want!

    Just my very subjective opinion……..Anyway your baby blues really look deep and hypnotic in all 3!


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      It’s always interesting to see what others see in photos (that we may or may not see ourselves). Maybe I AM by turns all the adjectives you mention. Thanks Jim. (I think I have it set up to randomiize them, which is WordPress’s word for “rotate”)


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