Let’s make a headboard from IKEA shelves!

I recently posted about finding IKEA shelves thrown out and how I made wall art out of them. I still had 3 of the 20″ square shelves left. This is the raw wood I started with.



I’ve had futons for many years and they typically have platform-style frames. Still, I covet a headboard. Somewhere I’d seen an idea for one attached to the wall rather than the bed frame. I decided to make a headboard and paint it the same colors as my wall. (The wall paint is two-tone largely because I wasn’t sure I had enough paint!) I left the small areas inbetween the slats and the outer edges unpainted since that looked okay. The outer corners proved useful for nailing each panel to the wall.


Here you can see it with the artwork above. (A neighbor who was moving tossed that out that several years ago -it’s not the Picture of My Dreams but the black and green work well together and the moody melancholy of a foggy country road strikes a chord with me.)

It’s given me a place to add decorations too. Now my headboard is the first thing I see when I enter my room. Visually it pulls me in and “centers” the room – after all, the bed is the largest thing in the space. Also, it really does act as a headboard; I used to try to lean against the wall sometimes but it was just too far away. These wood panels with their 1.5″ depth line up with the end of the futon frame so with a pillow I could actually lean back! Hey, I’m all for anything that makes a bed better.



7 thoughts on “Let’s make a headboard from IKEA shelves!

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      That’s very kind. A lot of it has to do with giving myself permission to experiment; I often say to myself, especially about stuff I find, “How can I hurt this?? It was free!”


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