Monthly Archives: May 2016

Dinosaur shame

A¬†recent post by Bun Karyudo¬†about updating his computer reminded me that I regularly get prompted to do the same on my outdated home computer. I see it so often that I barely pay it any mind. Even WordPress tries to shame me into action with this half-hearted dinosaur illustration. I think¬†it’s holding a computer or keyboard. That’s my best guess. Are the dinosaur and his prehistoric electronics sinking underwater? It’s hard to tell. There’s something printed in the upper left corner of the “computer” but even with a little magnifier, I couldn’t make it out. Anyhow, these people and their “Draw Blinky the Dinosaur” illustration don’t know who they’re dealing with. I still have cassette tapes. Homemade cassette tapes. Our little dinosaur friend ain’t gonna shame me!




Fixin’ up the living room

I was delighted to find two throw pillows in a decent¬†pattern for a mere $1¬†at a big yard sale (lots of sellers) this past weekend. I’ve been looking for pillows like this for awhile, even on Amazon and¬†in¬†real stores, but was unwilling to pay what they wanted. It seems once you add a high-falutin’ zipper to a throw pillow, the price leaps upward. I wanted zippers so I could take off the covers and wash ’em once in awhile. I am done with washing zipper-less pillows and waiting days for them to dry. I needed them because the couch is a love seat, meaning it’s deep and it feels awkward to try to sit so far back. If you sit normally, your back doesn’t reach the cushions and what’s the point in that?!



In the last 6 months or so I’ve made significant improvements to the living area. My goal always is beautiful-and-usable. The trouble with being a frugal decorator is waiting¬†for the “right thing” to turn up – cheap.¬†Patience is required. Previously, I wrote about¬†making my own coffee table¬†and although I used it for a year, it wasn’t quite what I wanted.

What I wanted turned up this winter – tossed out of course – a round coffee table. It’s different; a marble top that sets on a¬†wood base. Once I painted the base from its original dark (not nice) shade to white, I was quite happy with it. Free! The couch originally came from a neighbor who bought a new one. It’s actually off-white and the deep red is a slip cover from Amazon. The off-white color is very attractive but I assure you I am not the sort of person who can live safely with white furnishings and fabrics. Sometimes I have the couch all-white and sometimes a mix-and-match, leaving just the seat cover¬†red.¬†Winter seemed the right time for all red, just to have a big punch of color. (Ironing the cotton cover was so horrible that I now feel obligated to leave it on longer to justify all that wretched ironing.)

Here is the whole look, replete with the $1 wall hanging from another yard sale a few years ago; I have no idea what is going on in this painting but I liked it – and the colors worked with the others in the room – and the longer I’ve had it the more it’s grown on me.


The 8×10 carpet, which is a great dirt-n-lint hiding shade considering it’s light, was a $10 thrift store find. The trick to buying a second-hand carpet is to look¬†under¬†it where a rug’s true life¬†is revealed.¬†(Do whatever you like to the surface; all mystery stains and weird stuff will still lurk on the underside.)¬†This carpet looked great. You may notice in the left corner below my¬†bird cage decoration.